Cybersecurity of 5G networks EU Toolbox of risk mitigating measures

With technology evolving by the minute the expansion of our existing 4G network is unavoidable. The new era of the 5G infrastructure is in the making.  

EU Member States came to an agreement that for such an infrastructure to be set in motion a stronger and an in more detailed approach of the structure of our Cyber Security is in order. 

To ensure the security of such a colossus project, and the status quo of laws in privacy, security and human liberties, Europe has invested a great deal in forming Agencies, policies and safety nets that will ensure the immediate protection of their citizens and entities. 

For this to take place it needs to create a robust framework of measures with a view to ensure an adequate level of cybersecurity of 5G networks across the EU and coordinated approaches among Member States. 

Read the full article from the European Commission here